Timer computing systems Centre of V.M. Glushkov Institute of cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine was created on the basis of Decisions of Presidium NAS of Ukraine ¹218 from July, 11th, 1992 and ¹307 from October, 20th 1993.

A wide variety of research scientific works, from development of conceptual bases of coding theory to creation of complex protection systems, which are used in the different spheres of human activity.

Practical value of the offered solutions is proved by national and foreign patents, license agreements and off-the-shelf products, which are produced in Ukraine and abroad.

In Ukraine Centre cooperates with such enterprises as JSC S.P. Korolov “Merydian”, “Ustar”, JSC “CheZaRa”, “Actual technologies” Ltd. and other.

Centre also has research-and-production contacts with Russian Federation, China, USA, Germany, France, Poland and Slovakia.

But cooperation in Ukraine is not only productive, the founder of Centre, professor Vitalii Bardachenko, and head of Vinnitsa technical university, professor Boris Mokin, came to an agreement about function of branch of the chair of radio engineering and telecommunication in Centre.