Bardachenko identification-authentication key (BIK-BAK, Bardachenko Identification Key Bardachenko Authentication Key) has plain shape and is used in different devices:

In Centre basic and applied researches based on BIK-BAK key are carried out. The results of these researches are fundamentally new hard & software methods, tools and technologies for comprehensive, effective and reliable security and personalization of complex technical systems. More information about researches you can find in “Scientific effort” item.

Bardachenko identification-authentication key (BIK-BAK ) consists of 12 or 14 segments with the code openings. Segments can rotate, thus one of 4096 (12 segments) or 16383 (14 segments) code combinations can be set. If key is inserted in key twice (with different code combinations), 12 segments key will give us 16 777 216 code combinations and 14 segments key will give us 268 435 456 code combinations. If this not enough for some algorithms, the number of code combination can be increased by additional insert of key into reader.

You shouldn't worry about loss of key, because it is easy to change code combination in neutral or chaotic state. You can delegate BIK-BAK key to the third person, telling him (her) code combination by phone or via e-mail. BIK-KAK key replaces bunch of keys; only one BIK-BAK key can open many doors and provides access to the different objects like computer, safe, car, etc.

This property was underlined by Zdzislaw Marcinkowski, the mayor of Radom (Poland): “These inventions can make the revolution in security world market due to enlarged security level and simplification in use. The universal key can raise living standard of million people that get rid of heavy bunch of keys with great pleasure”