Problem of protection against unauthorized access become more and more actual in modern society.

Offered BIK-BAK technologies solve not only the problem of unauthorized access, but also the problem of personalization computer techniques, photo & video equipments, auto & moto equipments.

BIK-BAK technologies are based on Bardachenko identification-authentication key (BIK-BAK, Bardachenko Identification Key Bardachenko Authentication Key), which has plain shape and is reliable in operation. More information about BIK-BAK key you can find in “BIK-BAK key” item.

Ideas based on BIK-BAK technologies are patented, or are being patented in Ukraine, Russian Federation, in the USA, Canada and EU-countries.

As completing of this review, we quote Zdzislaw Marcinkowski, the mayor of Radom (Poland): “These inventions can make the revolution in security world market due to enlarged security level and simplification in use. The universal key can raise living standard of million people that get rid of heavy bunch of keys with great pleasure”.