Scientific effort

On initiative of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the new line of investigation in IT, timer information systems, has been developed. In 1992 Presidium NAS of Ukraine decided to organize department in Institute of Cybernetics, which became Timer Computing Systems Centre of V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine.

Collective of Centre is successfully carried out research in fundamental basic foundation, development and manufacturing application of new information technologies.

Researches are carried out in Centre:

In Centre is also carried out research in development of conceptual bases of user identification and authentication in different complex technical systems using timer algorithms, fundamentally new hard & software methods and technologies. And also development of fundamentally new hard & software methods, tools and technologies for comprehensive, effective and reliable security and personalization of complex technical systems based on computer and telecommunication systems.

Analysis methods are mathematical tools of user identification and authentication, timer methods of information processing, and control data exchange using existing protocols.

Based on personalization tools, the new hard & software complexes of protection against unauthorized access to the text, graphical and voice information have been developed in Centre. The first complex, which is based on stenographic information security, codes and decodes SMS and e-mail; this complex is used for text information security. The second complex, which is based on timer voice coding algorithms, is used for voice information security.